We are ahmedabad based only one of make poly strapping seal machinery in India. Our automatic machinery can make poly strapping seals for cartoon and other use on poly strapping rolls. It can make 12mm to 19mm between 0.38mm to 0.56mm. You can use material Galvanized, Teen sheet, Old barrel sheet and others smooth materials. His per day production is 150kg to 350kg in just work in 8 hours on singal machine and his maintenance cost is nothing whole life. Strapping seals means it will use in pack a boxes, cartoon, corrugated box, and also other packing. You can contact directly for more detail. If you have no any experience in this business so we are give all helps like scrap purchase, ready stock where to sell and how can you develop your business. We are also giving you addresses about scrap dealers who can supply regularly about your demand and also suppliers. You can start your own business and earn minimum Rs.20000 up to Rs.100000 per month depends your investment on machinery and your struggle and your management. Our product is disposal like tooth paste and detergent cake (use and throw). Its true check in your city how is his demand. You can also check our web for simple math’s for earnings. You know I am also doing this business in Ahmedabad and earn minimum Rs.20000 per month only on one machine by operator. It’s very easy business if you are struggled person.

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