You can see here Where to use strap seals in india It will be use on cartoon and other packing many industries like paint, pharma, bhujia and many more industries use this product on every packeging and its disposle product if once it push than never used again in next packing (We have a Project of Poly seals Not Poly Plastic strip but Poly seals will be used on strapping rolls every where in india)
2 Step of making seals After you cut the sheet than you have to put      
    that sheet like that in moulding machine if you not  find video just download it here

Currently running Unit In Ahmedabad  project placed  by me with market you can see inside qualify or unqualify person can do this work easily guarantee

Its our new model of Poly seals sailant model its capacity upto 450kg 

You can see here where to use Poly seals on different type of packaging minimum 4 to 5pcs use on each packing 

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