We Are Ahmadabad Based Only One Of Make Poly Strapping Seals Machinery In India Here Some Detail About Poly strapping seals Machine. We Are Only One Of Maker of Poly strapping  Machine In India. Our Product Can Make Automatic Poly strapping seals For Cartoon And Other Use With Box Strapping Roll For Packing. It Can Make 12mm, 16mm, 19mm You Can Make Also In 1” To 2.5” Whatever What Do You Want To Make. His Per Day Production Is 100kg To 350kg In Just Work In 8 Hours And His Maintenance Cost Is Nothing Whole Life. Poly strapping seals Means It Will Use In Pack A Cartoon, Box And Also Other Packing. It Is Very Important For Packaging On Box Strapping Roll. Anybody Cannot Pack Any Product Without strap seals With Box Strapping. You Can Start Your New Business With Us And It's Disposable Item So It's Best Opportunity For Whole Life. You Can Purchase Metal Scrap At Market About 30 To 32kg Per Kg His Manufacture Cost Is 2rs Per Kg And After Make This Poly strap seals. You Can Sell It At 42 To 45rs. Per Kg (Wholesale Rate You Can Also Sale Direct Consumers And His Rate Is 55 To 60rs. Per Kg) If You Make Round About 100 To 150kg A Day So You Can Earn Up to 1000/-Rs To 2000/-Rs It's Depend On You Daily work and Your Struggle Send Me Your Perfect Detail For More Detail.

          Also In Ahmadabad Wants’ 150tones Demand And 50ton Made So Many Crisis in Ahmadabad Same Situation in Your City Anywhere In India.

            You Can Use Scrap Insert Machine From 0.38mm To 0.65mm (22 Gauge To 28 Gauge All Type Off Scrap Sheet Like A Galvanized, Powder Cottade, Color Cottade, Barrel Sheet)

Note: Many People Can Make poly strapping seals By Hands But He Cannot Make More Than 20 To 25 Kg In A Day.


Simple Math’s for Earnings

Machine Makes 200kg on Medium Speed in 16mm Block


1000kg*28rs= 28000/- Scrap Cost (actually Scrap Dealer Throw Scrap in Rolling Mill in 15rs per Kg          

                                          But We Are Giving Them Already 15Rs More From Rolling Mill Rate If You Are     

                                          Scrap Dealer and You Have Scrap from Direct Market So You Can Earn More)


1000kg*2  Rs=   2000/-  Fright+Labour+Wajis+ Rent for your Place

1000kg*2  Rs=   2000/-  Power, West, Labour Salary

                           32000/-   Total Investment (Without Machinery)

1000kg*1  Rs=   1000/- Factory To Market Fright


1000kg*40rs = 40000/- Traders Whole Sale Rate (Ex Ahmedabad its minimum rate but you can more in your city

                            33000/- Less Your cost         

                      7000/- Net Profit On Your Investment In Just  7 Days

You can get minimum 6 to 7 Rs. profit Per Kg That means if you get 250kg per day so you can earn minimum 1450/- Per day and if you run your fectory atleast 25 days in You can earn minimum 31000/- Per month


Space Requirement: Around 100 To 150 Sft

Power Supply

Machine Power Supply -0.33hp It Can Run On 3 Faze Wiring Also Run Single Faze (According To You) Total Accept 4 Units Per Day If Machine Run 8 To 9 Hours Or 200kg Production Not Any Risk For Operate This Machine. It Will Operated By Also Ladies or 18 Years Old Boy.




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